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All About Delegation: Understanding the Nuts and Bolts

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Expires: June 30, 2025

Faculty will walk through the Introduction to Delegation and Advanced Delegation courses.

All About Delegation: Understanding the Nuts and Bolts

These two Delegation courses have been bundled with you in mind! Faculty will walk through a detailed explanation of each Delegation Standard for our Introduction to Delegation course. In our Advanced Delegation course, you, as the learner, will have the opportunity to engage in open forum discussions to strategize on promoting successful relationships, breakout group activities with your peers for an harmonious coordination between health plans and delegates, and most importantly, live Q&A with the faculty.

Navigating NCQA Delegation

Want to know what Delegation means to NCQA and familiarize yourself with the nuances? This virtual course can provide you with those answers and more. Experienced facutly will take a deep dive of each NCQA delegation standard, to improve your understanding, from oversight to automatic credit. You will learn how to navigate through examining key elements that should be in place prior to an organization's decision to give an entity the authority to act on their behalf. A demo of NCQA’s Interactive Review Tool (IRT) will also be provided.

Advanced Delegation: Establishing and Maintaining Successful Relationships

In this interactive course, faculty will lead learners through prevalent issues and opportunities to enable harmonious coordination between health plans and delegates. This course offers lecture, a demo of our Interactive Review Tool (IRT), and discussions on strategies for promoting successful relationships. A working knowledge of the Delegation standards for Health Plan Accreditation (HPA) will enhance your learning experience.

Note: Each attendee must register as a unique participant, as required by the NCQA Terms of Use.

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