Title Credit Type Event date Cost
Knowing and Managing Your Patients “Deconstructed” Live 11/17/2020 $0.00
Technology Hub: Demonstration of IRT for NCQA Accreditation and Certification Surveys - Session 2 Live 11/06/2020 $0.00
Building on the HEDIS Foundation: Digital Quality Measures Live 11/05/2020 $0.00
Successful Telehealth Implementation During and After COVID Live 10/20/2020 $0.00
Technology Hub: Demonstration of Q-PASS for NCQA Recognition Surveys - Session 1 Live 11/20/2020 $0.00
A Deep Dive into the Measures - HEDIS Measure Changes – Part 1 Live 09/29/2020 $0.00
Expanding on KM07: Social Determinants of Health and Connecting Patients to Resources Live 09/29/2020 $0.00
Quality Connections: Virtual Office Hours with NCQA Staff for Accreditation and HEDIS - Session 1 Live 09/25/2020 $0.00
Knowledge of Patient-Centered Care is Powerful: How Teaching Healthcare Consumerism Skills Improves Clinical Outcomes, Trust, Satisfaction, and... Live 10/15/2020 $0.00
Quality Connections: Virtual Office Hours with NCQA Staff for Recognition - Session 1 Live 10/02/2020 $0.00
Credentialing 101: Best Practices and Keys to Success Live 10/14/2020 $0.00
Telehealth and Homelessness: Lessons Learned Serving an Overlooked, High-Need Population Live 10/13/2020 $0.00
Results of the COVID-19 Stress Test of Primary Care Live 10/08/2020 $0.00
Innovation in Primary Care and the COVID Response Live 10/27/2020 $0.00
Providing Holistic Pediatric Primary Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic & What Comes Next Live 11/19/2020 $0.00