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Improving Health System Management of Hypertension, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Physician Quality Before and During COVID
  • Patient-Centered Recognition Programs
$0.00 Jessica Schappacher, a CCE consultant, will discuss a grant-funded collaboration with the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and the University of Central Florida College of Medicine’s HealthARCH to improve the performance of Floridian health systems’ management of hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes (including pre-diabetes), and improve physician quality of care through clinical processes, clinical quality measurement and implementation of evidence-based intervention referral systems.
Technology Hub: Demonstration of IRT for NCQA Accreditation and Certification Surveys - Session 2
  • Health Plan Accreditation
$0.00 The Interactive Review Tool (IRT) is a web-based platform used to manage the survey process for NCQA Accreditation and Certification. Organizations can access the standards, complete presurvey process steps and a self-assessment, and submit survey materials and documentation. This demonstration is for health plans and organizations eligible for NCQA Accreditation/Certification.
Technology Hub: Demonstration of the Redesigned IDSS for HEDIS Data Reporting - Session 2
$0.00 The Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS) is a web-based platform used to collect HEDIS® results. Organizations can access templates and resources for data imports and exports, manage user access, import data for HEDIS submission and report on submissions. This demonstration of the redesigned IDSS is for health care organizations and vendors submitting data to NCQA for HEDIS reporting.
Using Health IT to Enhance Communication Between Patients and Providers
  • Patient-Centered Recognition Programs
$0.00 In this webinar, we will discuss what’s available in most EHRs to better inform patients about care plans and provide access to full chart information, and to enhance communication between the care team, provider and patient or family.
2021 Person-Centered Care Planning
  • Other Programs
03/23/2021 $0.00 Gain a deeper understanding of the connection between NCQA standards and case management practice using a real life scenario.
2021 Measurement & Outcomes, Part 2
  • Other Programs
05/18/2021 $0.00 Building upon Measurement and Outcomes, Part 1, this webinar continues a further discussion on identifying opportunities for improvement as well as a review of the key measurement standards and guidelines for NCQA Accreditation.
2021 Measurement & Outcomes, Part 1
  • Other Programs
02/23/2021 $0.00 Interested in gaining new knowledge about measurement and outcomes? Join this webinar as it provides a basic-to-intermediate level overview of the various types of quality measures, opportunities for improvement, using and analyzing member feedback into data for quality improvement, and a roadmap to success in LTSS. This is the first of two sessions focusing on Measurement and Outcomes. 
2021 Program Description and Staff Considerations
  • Other Programs
11/09/2021 $0.00 Stay tuned for further session details.
2021 Care Transitions
  • Other Programs
06/15/2021 $0.00 Stay tuned for further session details.
2021 Assessment & Social Determinants of Health
  • Other Programs
10/19/2021 $0.00 Stay tuned for further session details.