PHIT4DC - NCQA Intro and Advanced PCMH Program Trainings 

June 3, 2023 to August 1, 2023

NCQA Intro and Advanced PCMH Program Trainings - PHIT4DC

This private training is designed for the PHIT4DC (Public Health Informatics & Technology Workforce Development Program) scholars of the University of the District of Columbia and Howard University College of Pharmacy. The PHIT4DC program supports DC-based community health clinics (CHCs).

The scholars will review the online self-paced PCMH courses detailed below and attend the live virtual Introduction to PCMH training on Saturday, June 3 and the Advanced PCMH training on Saturday, June 24. In addition, there will be six office hour sessions throughout July that will be available for scholars to recap key information and ask questions.

NCQA’s Introduction to PCMH Program Course: Foundational Concepts of the Medical Home

This program is designed as an introductory course for anyone interested learning the fundamentals of the PCMH Recognition program. The course includes 12 modules on the basic topics of PCMH including the core attributes of patient-centered medical homes, the required evidence and determining how to present it as well as the processes and procedures that demonstrate transformation into the medical home model.

Learning Objectives: 
•    Identify the core attributes of patient-centered medical home.
•    Identify required evidence and determine how to present it.
•    Describe processes and procedures that demonstrate transformation into the medical home model.
•    Understand the roles of the NCQA Representative, Evaluator and CCE.
•    Examine the challenging requirements in a variety of practice environments.
•    Outline the features and functions of the Q-PASS system.

NCQA’s Advanced PCMH Program Course: Mastering the Medical Home Transformation

The NCQA PCMH Recognition program plays an integral role in practice transformation and improving the quality of health care. This advanced course is intended for individuals who have applied NCQA PCMH Recognition requirements in the practice setting. It examines the PCMH standards and the assessment process. It takes a hands-on approach to each PCMH Concept, and a deeper dive to explore the key characteristics of a successful medical home.

This course will review evidence to support the core and elective criteria. It will also focus on advanced topics such as the Distinction Modules, electronic Clinical Quality Measures, and how to receive auto-credit. 

Learning Objectives: 
•    Discuss transfer credit and the Distinction in Health Care Integration.
•    Explain how elective criteria build on core criteria in a competency.
•    Examine opportunities and approached to succeed in the PCMH model of care.
•    Determine a strategy for preparing a practice for the three (3) virtual check-ins and begin to create a transformation plan.
•    Describe the types of evidence a practice can provide to meet the intent of a criterion, competency, and concept. 

NCQA Mission Statement 
To improve the quality of health care 

NCQA Vision Statement 
To transform health care quality through measurement, transparency, and accountability

Target Audience

This program is designed for any health care professional, health care decision maker or consultant interested in getting the inside perspective directly from expert faculty from NCQA in evaluating a primary care practice and their ability to become Recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home by NCQA.

Course summary
Course opens: 
Course expires: 
Event starts: 
06/03/2023 - 9:00am EDT
Event ends: 
08/01/2023 - 1:00pm EDT

Bri Clifford, MPH, PCMH CCE
Assistant Director, Recognition Programs Policy & Resources

William “Bill” Tulloch, MA, PCMH CCE
Director, Quality Solutions Group

Ashley Turner, MBA, PCMH CEC
Program Manager, Education

Fatin Yousufzai, MSHP, PCMH CCE
Manager, Recognition Programs Policy & Resources

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Required Hardware/software

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