The Evolution of the PAM: The past, present and future...

The Evolution of the PAM: The past, present and future of the Patient Activation Measure

CMS is committed to reducing burden and advancing interoperability to improve outcomes. In line with this, CMS has set the goal of transitioning to full digital quality measurement.

The current healthcare and health IT ecosystems have several key barriers that must be overcome to transition to a digital measurement system.

The session will be a packed learning opportunity from Dr. Judy Hibbard, lead researcher for the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM). PAM is the gold standard for measuring patient activation and is used by hundreds of health care organizations as a tool to improve health outcomes. The National Quality Forum endorsed a patient-reported outcome performance measure (PRO-PM) for PAM, NQF #2483, Gains in Patient Activation (PAM) Scores at 12 Months. Dr. Hibbard is the lead researcher of PAM.  

She will discuss: 

1. Why she and her co-researchers focused on patient activation. 

2. How the PAM survey and scoring methodology were developed and how PAM is a model for other PRO-PMs. 

3. Key research milestones, including insights into the relationship between PAM and patient experience, provider burden and health equity. 

4. Why building on PAM as a measure, to the NQF-endorsed performance measure, was important for impact. 

5. Results-driven case studies demonstrating the impact PAM has had on research, health systems, health plans, governments (both US and abroad) and, ultimately, on people. 

6. What’s next for PAM, and how Dr. Hibbard wants the next phase of PAM adoption to be driven via person-centered digital tools.

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Hillary Hatch, PHD

Dr. Hatch leads the development of clinical programs at Phreesia. She partners with clinical leaders to improve quality performance through the implementation of patient-reported outcomes (PROs), social determinants of health (SDOH) and behavioral health screenings and patient activation modules to close gaps in care. In addition, she oversees research partnerships with organizations such as The Commonwealth Fund, Harvard University and City University of New York on topics such as patient access and vaccine hesitancy. Prior to joining Phreesia, Dr. Hatch was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vital Score, a digital health company acquired by Phreesia in 2018. She is an Instructor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and serves on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Association of NY (PANY) affiliated with NYU Langone Health. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from City University of New York, a postdoctoral certificate in psychoanalysis from PANY, and a BA from Columbia College.


Judith Hibbard, DrPH, MPH

Judith Hibbard, is a Senior Researcher and Professor Emerita at the University of Oregon. Her work focuses on consumer choices and behavior in health care. Her research examines strategies that give patients more control over their health and health care. Her studies focus on public reporting of health care quality, health literacy, and patient activation. She is the lead author of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM). Dr. Hibbard holds a masters degree in Public Health from UCLA and her doctoral degree is from the School of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley.

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